5 things what to consider when buying a van

1.What kind of traveler will you be?

Owning a van doesn’t automatically mean that you have to live in it. It can be your summer holiday or a weekend getaway home.
Our van was supposed to be only a holiday home. It’s more convenient like this to take long road trips with your dogs.

2. Who’s is going to build your van?

Luckily for me, Karl is a handy person, and he can build whatever. If you are not that lucky, then seek professional help.

Sydney helps Karl to build the van

3. What kind of van to buy?

It really depends on one’s taste and budget. Karl knows a lot about cars, so he picked out the model. I was afraid to drive the bigger vans, so we decided to go with a smaller one. Something that I’m regretting a bit. 🙂

However, we were looking for the right van for months, and as soon as we saw it, we knew that was the right one. Our van is the VW T4, and it previously belonged to Finnish foresters.

The day we bought the Vintage Van

4. What kind of extras your van needs?

It’s possible that your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the best van in the market. However, consider the fact that you can add some extras yourself, which doesn’t cost so much. We knew that an aircon is a must because of the dogs, so no old vans.
Secondly, we wanted to have cruise control because who like to drive a manual on the high way. We didn’t find any vans that had this extra, so we looked for a van we could add one. Another option that we wanted were swivel seats. Again we looked for a van where we could swop them with the original seats.

5. What kind of interior fits your lifestyle?

We watched hundreds of youtube videos and read blogs about what people are building in their vans. I was really amazed by people, and what they were doing.  The industry and the #vanlife community had grown a lot since 2012. Almost everyone part of this community has a youtube channel, so to find ideas is very easy.

There were a couple of things we knew that we want:

  • a good bed (we both have back problems)
  • pull out kitchen
  • a big closet for my dresses (yei 🙂 )

We used 3D software to plan out our van. So so useful and would recommend it to everyone.