Pack up your life and move into a van. Are you crazy?

This how most people react when they hear that we sold our apartment, quit our jobs, and moving full time into a van with our two dogs.


But is it really?

We live in an open world, and with an “acceptable” passport you can visit almost every country on this planet. Estonia is part of the EU, which means we can visit any EU country without border control. Very convenient especially while traveling with dogs because the regulations are all the same in all EU countries.

Crazy that we want and have the option to see this wonderful earth while it’s still beautiful? I don’t think so.

We saw Berit's dream castle!

We saw Berit's dream castle!

You have most probably seen it in Disney movies. Neuschwanstein, Germany

We still don’t have a fixed date when we’ll start to drive in April, but that’s fine with us. Last year it got so hectic before we began our trip because the van wasn’t ready. Karl worked continuously with it for the first week of traveling until I said stop, we need to enjoy our vacation. Also, when you work full time as most people do, you only get a fixed time off. We had then three weeks, which is pretty good considering some other countries like America. Still, it’s a short time. Your holiday turns into a marathon to visit one country after another so you can tick off places from your list. Not what I would call a holiday. Do we ever really relax when there’s always a deadline for everything?

Karl is still fixing things

Karl is still fixing things

Our first night last year in a parking lot. Riga, Latvia

However, some dates we can’t ignore like our moving day, which is just around the corner. We have only a week and a half to go, but I think we’re doing pretty good. Moving your home is never easy. For some, it might be very challenging to let go of your stuff or throwing possessions away. Fortunately, we both have moved a lot so giving things away is not so hard. Our apartment, on the other hand, will be extremely sad to leave. It’s our first home together and full of happy memories. We’re still not sure how the dogs will react to it, but I know that they love being with us and that’s wherever we are. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly, and they consider the van to be their new safe home.

With this trip, we’ll take as much time as we need to plan everything and say goodbye to everyone. I still feel exhausted every day as I have never had a break in my life. However, we have worked hard on our own company ( and planning this move for months. I’m hoping if we’re finally on the road I can relax and sleep for days. We’re supposed to enjoy life, isn’t it so?